Welcome to November. This time next week polls will be open. Early voting has been going on in many states across the county. We have a week before the polls are open. Is it possible for something to come out this week? Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink. Last week the kitchen sink consisted of 2 hammers. Why did the guy take in 2 hammers?

They want guardrails on you and I. the Jan 6 hearing was supposed to put all of us in fear of assembly. To stop lawful patriotic assembly. And Freedom of Speech. Paul Pelosi is to stop the freedom of speech. And the Department of Justice is trying to stop us from watching the dropboxes, the democrat calculators. Today in America, if you can go. Pull out a lawn chair and stay within all the legal limits and watch the drop box, if you can.

Yesterday some got upset about the segment concerning why Trump is not coming to GA. The reason he is staying away and How Brian Kemp has not asked Trump supporters for their vote. Mike Pence is coming to GA today to campaign for Brian Kemp. Brian Kemp is the luckiest man in politics. This man was able to campaign the entire time without addressing the Trump supporters or asking for their vote. Brian Kemp has been fortunate enough to say vote for me or Stacey Abrams is your alternative. We explained it yesterday on the show. Herschel is a true friend of Trump. Burt Jones’ family are huge supporters of Trump. Trump doesn’t want to be labeled that he interfered with the campaigns in GA. Kemp comes out the winner in all angles here.

The conspiracy theories. There is no middle on the Pelosi narrative. If you don’t believe the lock step narrative that they run it goes straight to conspiracy. Not that you can think on your own. The guy had 2 hammers and to them you don’t have the freedom to ask why 2 hammers.

There is 2 things they have been trying to sell the American people, abortion (murder, mutilating our children, pedophilia) and saving the democracy. They have exhausted all of their debates. They have worked as hard as possible to push the republican candidates on abortion. When it comes to their polling, the other hope is saving democracy. Inflation is bad but living under this inflation with republicans is worse. The odds are if you pick a republican you are picking an election denier and the odd are you will not have a democracy with inflation if that is the direction you go.

When Republicans can launch the investigation. Members of congress know that this effort to interfere with our elections from the media is the biggest threat to our republic. Where are the Russians? BKP wants to hear republicans tell the American people that they will investigate corporate corrupt media because if you don’t get a handle on them now the worst fears will come true in this country. You’re not allowed to free think because that is a conspiracy. You are not allowed to bear arms because that is voter intimidation. You are not able to lawfully assemble. You don’t have the right to free speech.

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