We are preparing for next Tuesday, election day.

It would be nice if a candidate would come out and say if elected, “I would do everything I can to stop our kids from going to world war 3.”

Soon after the election, hopefully not before Christmas we might be dealing with world war 3. Remember Putin was going to be long gone and the people were going to get rid of him. Putin as we speak they are still dropping bombs in Kyiv.

They have a guy find Pelosi’s house and put that person in that place. Pelosi is in intensive care. The guy is sitting in jail with no bail that fits the entire narrative they need. Right before the election.

German Chancellor Scholz upcoming trip to China. This will be the first EU leader to visit China after the COVID outbreak. Maybe in Germany, the people in Germany are not ok with backing Ukraine. Maybe the guy is going to China to make a backhand deal. Saying “You buy the oil from Russia and I’ll buy it from you.”

US Air Force to deploy nuclear capable B-52 bombers to Australia as tensions with china grow. Pay attention to this.

Seth Rich was attack and there was a lot of speculation surrounding his murder. The FBI has had the laptop all along. Rich was a democrat staffer when he was killed in 2016 and no one was arrested in connection with the murder in DC. Somewhere there is a camera on the streets of DC that would have a picture of the suspect. Seth Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter and not a Hillary Clinton supporter. The FBI is saying that if they have to disclose the information they are requesting 66 years to release the information.

Deep State blaming Conservatives for the attack on Pelosi

What are you paying attention to in the world? In Ukraine?

It is possible that money bags are being dropped off to run the narrative.