Last night there was a town hall meeting on fox news. It is so important for the republican candidate to say they will accept the results of the election.

Liz Chaney endorses Tim Ryan for Senate in OH.

How do you know when you have completely lost the state? Joe Biden goes to FL, he needs to be in a memory care center. How tough is it for the video editors that is actually coherent for the networks to play. Joe, most people don’t know who Herbert Hoover was, right before the great depression. Data shows the worst plunge in US worker productivity since 1947. The unemployment you brag about is what we had before the pandemic and the destruction of our economy. We had 3.5% unemployment and 1.5% inflation rate. But you have to take out the MAGA.

We know there will be a red wave. A Pew research center poll, violent crime is a very important midterm vote. It is a concern for 81% of black Americans. It is only 33% important for white democrats while it is 82% concern for black democrats. White democrats are the reason the black democrats are concerned for violent crime. It is because white democrats say you live here. You go to the intercity plantations we put you in. Black voters are not talking about defunding the police, they are upset they don’t have a place to buy groceries because the stores won’t go into their communities or a pharmacy nearby. Black Americans are living in fear every single day in unsafe neighborhoods mostly because of white democrats.

Do you think black Americans in the intercity today are worried about Paul Pelosi? That someone scaled the fence and broke the glass on a mansion and hit some multi million dollar man with a hammer. Compare that to a 11 year old girl sitting in the drive thru at Wendy’s getting killed because the bullet came through the door.

When the majority of black voters’ concern is about crime, Stacey Abrams doesn’t have a chance. Wonder if Obama will do a speech about crime in Philly this weekend when AG Shapiro is the democrat candidate for governor in PA, is it because Dr. Oz is correct.
Al Sharpton says that the defund police is from privileged people, the unprivileged need the men and women of law enforcement on the ground. The crime rate and the fear that Americans are living in is mainly coming from the black American community.

Biden homeland security colludes with Facebook to target disinformation and control online discourse.