A viewer questioned what the GA Supreme Court ruling mean

We watched Judge Brian Amero grant the release of the ballot images and there was enough discrepancy with the ballot images to go back to the court to ask for the release of the ballots. After six months of battle in the courts, Judge Amero said you didn’t have any standing and the case was dismissed on the day that it was suspected that the ballots would be released and the audit would start in Fulton Co. So how does this case open the door to reinstate your case.
IT was always said even when Judge Amero dismissed the case that the voter always had standing. The dismissal violated all the precedents of the history of our US and GA law. VoterGA has been saying for 10 months that there really was standing.

The GA Supreme Court ruled on the case last week with the GA Sons of Confederate Veterans case. The GA supreme court ruled on this case last week. The GA Supreme Court ruled that citizens, residents, and taxpayers always have the right to sue government officials when they violate the law. The GA Supreme Court took the stand with the citizens to have standing. The bizarre thing was that they said that citizens, residents and taxpayers are community stakeholders and they extended it to voters on page 50 of the ruling.

The VoterGA case is sitting with the GA Supreme Court currently. It is a matter of time that the court will send it back to the lower courts.