To the New viewers. Welcome. If your Coexist bumper sticker is a year old. You want to stick around because you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what is going on.

We will have Garland Favorito with voter GA to explain how his case isn’t over and how the supreme court just breathed new life into the case.

At 9am, we will have Caesar Gonzales on to discuss his race with his disappearing opponent. Would the democrats knowingly let someone die for a story. Would the democrats let Paul Pelosi be attacked? Would the democrats let a dead man or in hospice to remain on the ballot? We can not trust anything when the democrats roll out Paul Pelsoi and Gloria Allred. How many abortions did Bill Clinton pay for with all the bimbos he ran around with? Would they harm Paul Pelosi to scare you to vote for a democrat and scare you away from the MAGA republicans. The scariest, most dangerous thing to democracy today is woke white women. Even the black voters are saying that who told these woke white women to defund the police, when they need the police

In the 13th District of GA, David Scott has disappeared. Someone is controlling his twitter feed. Sources say he went to hospice Sunday or Monday. There is some questioning if he is still alive. If he is in hospice will he be alive on election day. Would democrats hide the fact that he is dead? The democrats are so damn evil. If we really had journalism in Atlanta at the AJC, someone would go down and find out the damn truth about David Scott. This is not just the republicans trying to make something up. Lawmakers raise health concerns as they quietly seek to replace a House chairman, article in Jan. They haven’t been able to have a hearing in the Agriculture Committee in the house because he is sick. The people of the GA 13 deserve to know if David Scott is healthy enough to serve. The 13th district is a +D district.

We don’t have a problem getting employees in this country, we have a problem with workers. Productivity data plunges to shows to be the lowest since 1947, down 4.1%

There will be a red wave. It’s going to be so enormous. It will run into NY, OR, WA, over the great lakes in MI, OH, PA, and GA. Kemp has intentionally made sure to not say anything concerning Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump in a campaign ad when Brian Kemp comes out to endorse Mike Pence for President in 2024. Greg Bluestein writes on twitter, “the ‘revenge of the establishment’ tour returns to GA.” On Nov 9 the civil war for the soul of the republican party in GA will start. Brian Kemp does not allow anyone in the campaign or in the governor’s office for anyone to say Ron DeSantis.

These are pay attention to headlines: They aren’t scare tactics but we need to pay attention too… North Korea is launching missiles like you would not believe. True the vote founds jailed for contempt of court…. Iran plans to send 200+ attack drones to Russia…. Exit polls show Netanyahu may be on the brink of comeback, he was the one that came to congress that told us that Iran is building nuclear weapons and he said he will not let it happen. Trust him he will not allow it…. Guess who else doesn’t trust Iran and their nuclear weapons test, Saudi Arabia puts US and forces in the Middle East on high alert over Iran threatening an ‘imminent attack on the kingdom.’ Remember when Trump was in office he was working to unify the middle east.