BKP talks sports

The democrats have nothing. Many have voted. It has been proven that democrats are so far off the mark. The concern is when will we know the winners and will we know the correct winners.

So many are predicting a run off between Herschel Walker and Warnock. But you have to realize that in GA, Herschel Walker is a football legend. GA is a 50+1 state. They are calling the GA senate race a run off race. Warnock has spent 69 million dollars and they can’t get rid of Herschel. They have trashed Herschel like you would not believe. If you have a GA IP address, you get the Warnock bash Herschel ad.

Tomorrow should be an enormous red wave. The 2024 shadow is hanging over the 2022 midterms and plays a bigger role in GA than you think.

BKP predicts a republican clean sweep in the senate. AZ, GA, NV, FL, NC, NH, OH, PA, WI, and add in WA.

Can Football help GA candidates score higher turnout? The best thing that Herschel Walker has going for him is that GA is #1. The democrats don’t have anything and they don’t get it. Republicans have the enthusiasm and the voters coming out to the polls. Democrats want you to believe there are all these election deniers out there but the republicans have more voters wanting to vote for their candidate than voting against a candidate. Republicans can’t wait to vote tomorrow.

Stacey Abrams says that her poll numbers are low because black men can’t see through misinformation. 2.5 million voters have already turned out for the midterms in early voting. They can see early voting and see the trends. IF you are truly concerned with anyone manipulating your election then you vote on election day. You would not have the election manipulation if they didn’t have early voting. You can already build the data from the early voting. Black voters are down 4 points from November 2018, nationwide. If black voters are down that much across the country then Abrams and Warnock are out. Strongest voting block in America 65+ is up 3 points over last midterm. 18-29 is down 7 points. YOu see SB202 was labeled as Jim Crowe 2.0, voter suppression. People were going to pass out and die from thirst and hunger from the long lines. People have been able to see through the transparency of the democrat lie in GA. IF she isn’t able to sell the lack of voter suppression from SB202, the lies they told about constitutional carry, the lies they told about abortion. No one fell for their lies. They have nothing.

Mike Pence was in GA. He was in GA during the primary and now again before the election. Remember during the primary Pence laid the groundwork in saying that the primary is about plotting the future and not reliving the past. So with us being on the eve in OH, it has been said that they have talked to Trump about waiting until after the election to make an announcement about running. Brian Kemp standing on the stage next to Mike Pence, this will not be the last time that Pence and Kemp on the same stage together.