We will bring you the facts Wednesday morning. That being said, they are preparing us for the delay in election results.

The democrats have got it all wrong. And republicans have it set up to say that if they lose it is because of the election deniers on the ballot. People are going to vote for Herschel Walker, Blake Masters and Dr. Oz because the media has it all wrong.

Chuck Todd has the house races to watch, VA – 02, 07, 10 and IN-01. In VA-07, the reporting from the two races say that the republican had a couple of hundred people, at the democrat rally had about a dozen people, candidate saying she wanted to focus on the one on one post covid connection. More energy at the republican rally.

Northampton Co PA is a bellwether county. When Obama comes to town, they can put a minor crowd together. Last night 1000 people got together for an Oz rally.

The economy is a top issue for this election. 43% say that their finances are worse now. The poll that has never changed is the track the country is in. 72% say the wrong track. This poll has remained consistent.

It could be a long night tomorrow night. It could look like one candidate has won and days later another victor is crowned. But according to the reporting it is ok and the system is not broken. They have set that up to lay the groundwork to give the public the reason why the numbers aren’t what they want the numbers to be. AKA steal an election. Fool me once….