Election day 2022. We have traveled the road through the primary. We have watched the speeches, talked to voters, and candidates across the country. We want to bring you the best and most accurate coverage of election day tomorrow. Enjoy the evening. Some have said they are very nervous today. But enjoy the evening of watching those on the other side exploding. It will be in the hands of the judges. All the candidates have made their final push. There are some great Americans out there poll watching and watching drop boxes. Patriots across America are saying “you are not doing this again to us” It is so intense today and patriots are so determined that patriots will not allow the steal today. It is so intense that Joe Biden and the DOJ are federalizing elections without asking. WE will explain later

PA Supreme Court has denied ballots for not being dated correctly and Fetterman is suing to allow the ballots.

We will find out tonight how many people care. They are worried about political violence and the media will be everywhere all over the country looking for the poll watcher that might be a little too aggressive. They are waiting for the right side poll watcher voter intimidation. We will find out today how many care about Paul Pelosi.

Kemp is the luckiest politician in America. Or have you been set up in GA. Is he the luckiest man in politics or is he auditioning for VP to bring GA to Mike Pence. This is the ticket in GA. There was a big deal yesterday because Herschel Walker didn’t fly around with the total republican ticket in GA. Herschel Walker had an enormous crowd last night. Warnock’s team is nervous today. Herschel doing a pre victory dance on stage last night. Herschel is ready and battle tested.

Love living in GA but how exciting it would be to vote in AZ today. The only candidate in GA that has the excitement to vote for is Herschel Walker. AZ is ground zero for election denierism.

We have an election MONTH! You are not a voter, You are DATA. You are part of an algorithm. They know how you vote, where you vote, what time you vote. They know you pulled a party card during the primary. Early voting allows them to compile the data to know what they need for the day of voting. In the rural counties in America there are thousands of great patriots are in charge of the elections that have not interest in cheating, that is not the case in Fulton CO, Philadelphia Co, etc

Don Bolduc the Senate candidate in NH. In NH, ID Is required to vote. NH has same day registration but there isn’t any early voting. The group in GA is all republicans and is supposed to be run by republicans and all you heard is about SB202. Why did we need 3 weeks of early voting, saturday voting, sunday voting, not excuse absentee voting, Don Bolduc is an indicator on how things will be tonight in the Senate.

It is so frustrating today that the data you have become, but they are talking about the red mirage 2.0. That is the discussion they are having on the fake news media outlets. Listen to what is being prepared for tonight. You will not be seeing this if there wasn’t early voting, absentee ballots if you had election day voting. Outcome will appear to favor one candidate early and then flip to the other candidate in the days to come and it is ok… the lead will dwindle or crumble completely, after perceived “dumps” of votes are recorded by state election officials who count mail in and absentee ballots in days after the election. This phenomenon has been called “Red Mirage” during the 2020 presidential election. In 2020, it was Saturday before we knew that Biden was president. There will be a new focus on the new mechanics and timing of the vote count, reporter says. The federal government is coming into the election and the groundwork that is being laid with the media coverage.

Conspiracy theorists urge voting as late as possible on Election Day to stop the steal. In the state of PA the governor appoints SOS, Toni Shuppe says voting late in the day will deliberately overwhelm the system and will stop the steal of 2022 by preventing a voting machine hacker from influencing vote totals. The strategy can expose the algorithm. You are data. Now there is a QR code on our drivers license, your voter ID. When you go vote you will hold up the QR code and it will register your time, location you voted. IF you early voted and that’s the data they want they know when, where and what time you voted. Early voting allows them to create an algorithm. Someone knows how you voted. IF and when we win back the House and Senate we CAN’T be excited to have an old drunk from OH be speaker of the House. We have to not just vote red, and win red. But we have to stay on top of these candidates to do the right thing for America.

We will find out today about who really cares about Paul Pelosi.

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