Polling showing suburban white women moving back to the republican party.

CNN is trying to change things up and move Don Lemon to the morning. This was like the high school tryouts for the high school news.

Last Friday Dr. Ray Tidman came in and he was ready to talk. Check out the opening with Dr. Raymond Tidman (A Rise in Deaths in America). There are young men and women dying in this country at rates never seen before. Young people are sick, which has changed in this country. The funeral business is booming and it’s not because of COVID. Death payouts for the working age are increasing. The baseline is 2019, pre-covid. In 2020 there was a 9% increase. In 2021, there was 163% increase. https://rumble.com/v1rkflk-ask-the-doc-a-rise-in-deaths-in-america.html

There is a lot on the ballot today.

The American people did a great job and after 2020, we decided we weren’t going to allow this to happen again. Remember they wouldn’t let you get within so many feet of the ballots in 2020 because of COVID. We had testimony of poll watchers that had done it for years, and they testified they couldn’t see anything concerning the ballots. In America we launched poll watching classes and training all over America. 1000s have been dispatched this morning. 1000s sitting at a distance watching drop boxes. (DOJ says you can’t be 250’ of a drop box, unknown how they can do that in a state) They have called it voter intimidation. They have called you everything because you want transparency in your elections. So Biden’s DOJ has sent monitors to 64 voting areas for the midterms to make sure to check for compliance with federal voting laws. Under the guise of the growing concern of voter intimidation. All the counties are the counties that played key roles in the 2020 election. Everything has been set up. Remember when the Black Panthers were standing outside the polling places in PA, they didn’t send the DOJ to the 64 sites. The Federal Government is getting involved in our elections. It has all been a setup.

Fetterman campaign files lawsuit over undated mail in ballots, they are setting up the cheat in PA.