All of the finger pointing has started, the blame game. Everything was set for a red wave and we are still waiting to see the balance of power in the senate. We may only have 1 or 2 for the balance of power in the house. We have a runoff for senate in GA, is it deja vu all over again?

Several predictions were missed for being hopeful that some of these democrats would lose their jobs. How did Dr. Oz lost and John Fetterman, who had a stroke won? People will say that it was Roe, but what didn’t that work in FL, GA, OH.

We have a run off here in GA. Herschel Walker is behind a couple 1000 votes. Brian Kemp is the luckiest politician in America. He won re-election in GA. What will the Chase Oliver factor be in the Senate runoff in GA.

It looks like Lexalt will hang on and win in NV. There is a lot going on in AZ with Kelly up over Masters. In WI it looks like Johnson will hang on to his seat. So right now it looks like the balance of power will run through GA once again, with the runoff in December. What happened last time in a runoff.

GA republican sweep in the state offices. What does this say that Brad Raffensperger will come out with a win at 53.3%, with him as the most controversial candidate in the country.

Brian Kemp ran a campaign and did not tell the citizens of GA what he will do in the next term. Brian Kemp along with all the other governors received money from the American Recovery Act and was able to use the money as they saw fit. He had the money to come to your town and get your endorsement, teachers, educators, etc. he was able to spend the money and get your endorsement without telling you what he will do for his next term. We don’t have a clue what he will do. The reason Warnock did not win last night in GA is because Stacey Abrams was on the ballot. If this would have been an off year and went head to head with Walker, it is possible that Warnock would have won. Stacey Abrams drew all the energy out of the democrats in GA. Abrams was a terrible candidate. Brian Kemp didn’t win this great election over this great opponent. The Abrams campaign was done before it was started.

What happened in FL? What happened to the red wave? What made anything different in FL. If you look at what Ron DeSantis has done in FL, some would call it the most extreme in protecting our kids. DeSantis ran against a former governor of FL. Same with Marco Rubio. Why did this work in FL and not as well anywhere else. It comes down to a simple reason. Everything was in place for the red wave. In every state, republicans didn’t stay focused.