The messaging and delivery was wrong. Don’t analyze what went wrong but look at what went right.

Everyone came in and attacked Oz in the republican primary. All the candidates from the primary and they never came out and got behind Oz after the primary. Oz was the Trump endorsed candidate but he may have been the least liked Trump endorsed candidate. You can’t win in PA if you can’t get the party behind you.

Dark MAGA was behind Mastriano.

You cannot overcome the corruption in Philadelphia County if all the stars are not aligned. Every state has an amount of corruption, that is where we are in America. We have to try to overcome the corrupt pockets out there. And you can’t do it unless you have the right people in place.

We are shooting ourselves in the foot. The Dark MAGA that keeps churning things up and whipping things into a frenzy for the money, you will continue to lose the elections.

Matt Walsh – “The Republicans Party outside of Florida has no message. No discipline. No Leadership. No courage to confront the important issues head on. That’s why they’re losing to literally brain damaged candidates. We need a total overhaul.