It is how the campaign is run and how the message gets out.

When Trump endorsed Don Bolduc. the governor and Mitch McConnell turned their back on him. Did the guy lose because of student loan debt? Did he lose because he was Trump endorsed?

Why didn’t it work in Tx? The kids love Beto, he is a gen-xer hero. What didn’t the young vote work in Tx? Wasn’t everyone angry with Abbott because he sent all the planes to NY. Why did Greg Abbott do so well in TX?

Everyone in politics knew that Doug Mastriano couldn’t win the state. Shapiro ran away with the governor’s race in PA. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Oz lost. Mastriano is a good man, honest, but he is a terrible candidate. He was Trump endorsed. There are some states that you have to accept that Trump went into and mettle and picked the wrong candidate. The media would not talk to Mastriano. Going on Bannon’s War Room will not win a competitive statewide race. Mastriano would not do any of the local tv station programs.

Every race that Donald Trump endorsed, all the networks compared the races to the Biden Trump outcomes from 2020. Trump was on the screen all night long on all the networks. What you are living in this morning is the media manipulation of our elections. The greatest threat to our democracy is the media. They are all TV programs. They are grabbing an audience. It isn’t about saving America, it is about how much money they are making at the end of the day. The biggest thing is how to combat it. What if Trump would go away and play golf and leave everything alone. You can’t tell me that we couldn’t decide who could run this country.

What if Trump announces he is running for president next week? What if Pence announces? What if DeSantis announces? Will Mike Pence come to GA to ask for the endorsement. Is it time for Trump to back away and is it time to tell Dark MAGA no more, we got this.