BKP reads messages from viewers.

DeSantis has a George W Bush feel. Remember when George W was governor of Texas, we liked him. And then he went to Washington DC. Viewer Maria believes that DeSantis would change going to DC.

The most beautiful sight in America today is to see West Virginia all red. Most states have blue specks, but not West Virginia. In recent memory WV has been all blue without a speck of red. This was the bluest state in America.

The 7th District in NJ has been flipped to republican.

The 17th District in NY has been flipped to republican. Maloney was the DCCC chair and responsible for distributing the funds for campaigns.

MEGA Midterm Meltdown. Trump supporters, you will be ok. Herschel Walker will be in Canton today with Ted Cruz to launch a bus tour. Dec 6 is the run off. Early voting starts Nov 21. No matter what Herschel says or Ted Cruz says, the media is going to scream out a question all around Trump coming to GA. They are trying to bring Trump into the center of the universe in GA again.

If the republican party in PA, the Jack Posobiec, Kathy Barnett, and Dave McCormick and back Dr. Oz. Oz would have won the election. The only reason Dr. Oz is not the senator of PA, because it is within the border of the PA republican party. It is within the border of the so-called Trump supporters in PA. They didn’t accept Oz. They just played the part, nothing more.

.The balance of power is at stake and it is deja vu all over again. We have to win GA. We understand the corruption in DC. we understand they are trying to take Trump down. We are going to clear the smoke and bring some things into focus.