They want you to get caught up in the Mike Pence Donald Trump thing. There is rumor they are trying to get Donald Trump not to announce tomorrow and hold off until the Herschel Walker race is complete. Ron DeSantis won overwhelmingly in FL. They want Trump finished off. They want you to believe that Trump’s polling has fallen. You have a choice and the choice is yours. But you have to make it.

The first election cycle in 2020 you were led to believe that Biden won the election. They basically kept Joe away for a second election cycle and according to the media Joe is a big winner. They are writing about how amazing Joe is and how America likes democrat policies. You have to stop and think about all this stuff. They want you to believe that more people voted for Joe Biden than any other president and that he has done such an amazing job over the past 2 years and that the American people feel that he should be awarded with all these wins. And it looks like McCarthy and McConnell will have to explain how they have made a deal to give the illusion that republicans are a party of getting things done to talk back the election in 2024.

Your choice let them get back and allow the political volleyball and no more of the drain the swamp. But unless someone can go to DC and take the knives in the back like Trump has, you will never fix the corruption in this country. Either you truly want to investigate the FBI and fix the disaster in the school system or they have gotten you to move on. They will allow us to believe their narrative and move on and don’t touch anything else.

When you have a MTG stand up and say that not another penny to Ukraine and we get called Putin sympathizers and we didn’t send our money to Ukraine.

Possible misconduct in FTX crypto collapse. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is under investigation in the Bahamas. Lost backers, name removed from Miami Heat building. What is the big deal? FTX has collapsed and is in bankruptcy. The new CEO is the Enron CEO that handled Enron when it collapsed. Not backed by the central bank and regulators will be stepping in. Ukraine invested in top demo donor’s crypto company FTX as Biden admin funded war effort. Zelenskyy invested our money in an unregulated crypto currency. Fried is a democrat donor. The money went from the Ukraine laundry mats to Biden and the democrats. $40 million to the democrat party to get out the vote. SBF sent $10 million to Joe Biden in 2020. SBF’s mother raised $140 million for democrats to get out the vote. FTX has ties to the Ukrainian government and connections to powerful entities and individuals around the world. The US sends money to Ukraine and Zelensky sends money to FTX and FTX funds democrats in the election. And we sent billions of dollars with no oversight around the world.