Mike Pence has a book that comes out tomorrow and Trump is supposed to announce tomorrow to take the news cycle away from Pence. They want you to think about Jan 6. Pence came to GA and campaigned for Brian Kemp twice. Do you think if Pence announces that he will run for president that Brian Kemp won’t endorse him? Maybe Kemp auditioned for VP and to bring GA with him.

Biden said that the American people made it clear that republicans are to work with Joe Biden. Paul Ryan saying that Trump is a drag on the ticket. Nothing about the disparity of the money. Nothing about candidates campaigning with AZ, NH, GA, NV.

Best since JFK… What a performance.. The destruction of MAGA continues. Not one of them is talking about the actual corruption. But they want to fix the extremism. Sununu had all the money, support and backing that he needed. But Don Bolduc didn’t have the same support. If Bolduc had 36 million and Hassen had 36 million, then Bolduc lost. Then we could say that people want to stop extremism.

Has Walker made a deal with Kemp and won’t allow Trump to come to GA to campaign. Who will come to GA? Chris Christie knows Brian Kemp. There is something that is going on. Brian Kemp hates Donald Trump. If Brian Kemp has anything to do with it Trump will not be in GA.

If Mitch McConnell ends up the minority leader again and no one has the nerve to push back on this guy. That would be the only thing that would be the first and most impressive thing that the republicans learned on what Mitch McConnell did during these elections. If all the leaders in the republican party remain the same, it remains the same.