275K ballot dump in AZ that should have closed the gap between Blake Masters and Mark Kelly that Blake Masters never gained a vote. That is what they want you to believe.

The party is open right now. Trump is probably the front runner, but the party is open. The media wants you to get past it. Bill Cassidy doesn’t talk about the money, the difference of what was spent, the democrats did the work they needed to do to save the senate. Those that are aligned with the past didn’t perform. The republican party needs to explain to the country where they want the country to go.

What happened to the good ole days when republicans had a checklist of what they stood for. Did the candidates that align themselves with the past wait for the last mail in ballot dumps. Cassidy wants you to believe that we are looking for bipartisan legislation. Mitch McConnell decided that these candidates were not acceptable, that there wasn’t an agenda to run on. And we know that!

Is it time for a leadership change? Did Mitch help raise money for AZ, GA, NV, NH? We have a race in NV that only 6K votes that was the last batch that landed for the democrats. And Mitch McConnell was the one that pulled our chestnuts out of the fire to win the elections.

IF you think the democrats are the problem, and this is the tweet that we get from the GOP chairwoman. “Americans shouldn’t be waiting days after an election to know the results. We have to do better.” What about there is something wrong here? We not only have to do better we have to stop this corruption.

Republicans engaged is a code word for Chuck Schumer saying that he will allow a certain number of republicans to get in on this. And $$ might be found in a nephew’s bank account.

The base loves Trump and they haven’t turned on Trump.

This victory belongs to Joe Biden, if Joe Biden wouldn’t have sent all the money to Ukraine.

The Debt Ceiling removal. The United States has to honor its obligations. There is a point you can’t pay. It’s a shame that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t understand that.

The democrats are not going to tell you that they have millions of dollars from dark money. But republicans going on there and not calling out the corruption is sickening.

Election denialism is a means to an end. What is the point anymore? Voters punish Trump backed candidates. Nothing about the money.