We are not all going to agree on some things. YOU cannot yell, election denier. You can not yell, Trump did it. If you aren’t open to realizing that you have been set up. The media wants to get you fired up and that the election said that we want traditional republican candidates, normal candidates, candidates that will push back on Trump. That we want candidates that are not election deniers. That we need to look forward and focus on the future and what the party needs to do to get our message out. And what we need to do to take a majority in the next senate.

There is a reason for 2 weeks why every network and every interview had to push every candidate if they would accept the results. You had no choice but to accept the results. Now all the candidates are on record and they are moving out and accepting the results. Why was that so important? Why does knowing the makeup of the senate all focus on PA and GA? Why was there very little talk about NV? Why not a deeper look at the state of NV?

WE don’t need to put on our conspiracy hat, but we need to ask questions. There is something wrong with this election. Too much that doesn’t make sense. It is hard to find logic. You can’t just yell election denier and Donald Trump.

Btw according to the media GA doesn’t matter anymore. Wonder if that was set up? You have to read this road map and put this mystery together.

Sunday before Tuesday’s election. The articles were written about the red mirage. They were preparing us for a nail biter, the results would favor a certain candidate in the beginning and crown another days later, but that’s ok. And a week later we don’t know the outcome of the gov race in AZ. There is a difference of 26K votes at 93% votes are counted. Remember the 275K ballot dump we talked about on Thursday. The day of ballot drop off usually goes 2 to 1 for the republicans. Those are the ballots that got trumps deficient down in AZ. Have you noticed with this ballot drop that Kari Lake is not closing the gap? There should have been enough votes by Thursday to push her over the top. They can’t let Kari Lake win. And Logic here you want me to believe that a candidate that would not debate Kari Lake that would stand on a stage and audition to the AZ voters. You want me to believe where this race is. 60% to over take, 70K ballots are left and they are early voting ballots which have favored Hobbs. Why in the end, they can find the early voting that would favor the democrat. They want you to believe the biggest loser. The other day the 275K they want you to believe that only 58% went to Kari Lake. How long are we going to continue to accept the election results in this manner, early voting is still out a week after the fact?

Camera’s go dark at vote counting facility in key NV county. Not reported anywhere. NV. Cortez Masto has a 6582 lead over Laxalt. Masto saying I know we would prove far right republicans wrong. These 6500 votes came from the last batch of mail in ballots that gave Masto the win but not the democrat gov candidate the win.

The media wants you to blame the election deniers and Donald Trump and you the voters that voted for the election denier for voting for them during the primary. They want you to get caught up in the Brian Kemp, mike pence, Donald Trump fiasco so you don’t pay attention to the last batch of ballots.

Total ad spending for the 2022 cycle was 7.6 billion. Mind altering media drugs to create a narrative to sway an election to maintain the balance of power. The breakdown of money spent in battleground senate seats: AZ, GA, NV, NH. people didn’t reject election deniers. So called election deniers didn’t have party support or the money support to help them win the election.

Remember it wasn’t election day in 2020. Mail-in ballots were created by Nancy Pelosi to steal an election. Covid is not the reason that 70K mail in ballots still need to be counted in AZ that will send Hobbs over the top.

Mitch McConnell made sure that these candidates were set up to fail. Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a problem with being minority leader. They are all in cahoots. Mitch McConnell isn’t going anywhere this week. Mitch McConnell said months ago that these weren’t the kind of candidates that he could work with. He would rather be a minority leader than in republican majority just as a senator. You cannot yell Trump and election denier. There isn’t any logic that you can use that Fetterman is the senator for PA. We are always analyzing so we can put up “quality candidates” and that the people want traditional republicans. Could Joe O’Dea be that traditional republican? The guy that got 36% of the votes in CO.

$7.6 billion could probably secure our southern border. It could probably end homelessness in America. $7.6 billion could stop fentanyl coming across our border. $7.6 billion was spent on the election cycle. Here is the thing. It was all spent to bolster and build up liberal corrupt deep state media, they got that money. $7.6 billion dollars worth of payoff for them doing their job to manipulate and create a narrative that you might believe out there.