If you take the narrative that has been laid out, set up and put into play, just like covid, the democrats know what they are doing and know how to get into position and that is exactly what they did. In the mind control area, it ‘s not what you think happened. It is what your neighbor thinks happened that tends to be more important.

Remember the set up the week before the election Biden gives the democrat speech and Paul gets a hammer to the head.

Rick Scott says our voters didn’t show up and we didn’t have a positive message. Where is our get out the vote effort money? Did we have a republican nursing home team? Everybody knows that the democrats are the ones running things.

On election day our voters didn’t show up. Everyone is blaming something and throwing it on the wall seeing if it will stick. The only outcome they will accept is putting Donald Trump in prison. You have a decision to make.

Herschel Walker received a lower vote share in every county than Brian Kemp. If you go across the top in North GA, that is the most populated area in the state (not counting Atlanta) and the largest republican vote in the state is the 9th and 14th district. That is where you win, that is where you overcome Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah. And if you know that, what effort was made to bring that vote in? Did the GOP of GA and the Herschel Walker team and the republican party Rick Scott spend money in those areas?

Wonder why our voters didn’t come out?