Big Announcement coming tonight from Donald Trump from Mar-a-Lago.

The media is working to put all of the republicans into a spin because they need a tv show. All of the network cannot wait for Trump to announce. Trump is their cash cow. Once Trump becomes the candidate the coverage is going to be different. It will be: will he be indicted? What will Jan 6 do? Ron DeSantis is running too and Mike Pence is running also. The media can’t wait.

The Kari Lake election is not where we are at right now.

They have been polling out now that DeSantis is polling higher than Trump. With Kari Lake will he be able to talk about his wins. Will he be able to run for reelection with all his loses.

Pence on Trump: we will have better choices in the future.

Brian Kemp has been subpoenaed. Kemp had it pushed off until after the election. It is unknown if Kemp’s attorneys went to say that the election cycle is still in place and try to get it pushed back until after the run off. Did that happen? Or did Kemp say he won his election and he is done and could what he says be helpful to Mike Pence?

What happens if Mike Pence runs, then he comes to GA and Brian Kemp stand on the stage and they raise arms and he endorses my friend Mike Pence. If Mike thinks that Brian Kemp is the right guy to be his running mate. Watch and what happens to Trump supporters in GA.

America where Journalism goes to Die. The third railroad workers union rejects the proposed contract. Remember when Biden saved the railroad strike.