The whole circle in what they are doing. Monday night at midnight over a week after the election another denier denied in AZ. Az is a state that isn’t heavily populated and they have mail in election systems and early voting. It isn’t like they do 2 million paper ballots the day of and that’s what takes so long. If you line the scanner up and push the ballots through there there is no way it takes a week. They have declared Katie Hobbs the winner while she ran a Joe Biden campaign.

The 72 Dolphins are the only undefeated team in the NFL. We only had the Sears catalog and that is where the kids would purchase their favorite NFL team jersey.

Cryptocurrency. Nancy Pelosi made sure that we had national COVID elections. Trump’s hands were tied. But we started printing trillions of dollars. And we have zuckerbucks and they would fund the mobile voting van. They took them to the mall, nursing homes, and hospitals. Zuckerbucks helped us buy all the drop boxes in GA. They allowed countries to take outside donations to help pay for staff and drop boxes. After all the drop boxes were put in place and the election was stolen and then all these states came out about drop boxes yet they remain. Before the 2020 election and SB202, (the bill that made it easier to vote and harder to cheat) before that bill drop boxes were illegal. Most of you made the drop boxes legal through emergency orders. When they started sending out money to help with covid elections, they had to be open to covid drop boxes because people didn’t want to go in and stand in line. We had been groomed to stand where the spots were and go in the direction of the arrows. Don’t forget it. Emergency powers, drop boxes and mail in ballots. SB202 made the drop boxes legal.

So we started a war in Ukraine at an opportune time. During covid they printed all this money and the states had trillions of dollars the governors had this money at their discretion to spend. They didn’t care they were kickstarting an inflation on the american. 4.5 billion dollars went to Brian Kemp to use at his discretion with no oversight. This ties to the crypto boy.

Sununu in NH but they didn’t like General Bolduc. They love Brian Kemp and he won an enormous reelection. Both had billions of dollars to spend at their discretion. Only open governor races like AZ was there a battle. Governors that were seeking reelection did very well. Whitmer would even let people go by seeds to plant a garden but she got billions of dollars to spend. You have to put all this into perspective. There is a line of total BS they want you to believe. Stacey Abrams is a smart person. Stacey is now a multi millionaire, losing paid off for Stacey. Now talking about a national spot. How do you do that? Winning is not what always pays in politics. Stacey knew Kemp had 4.5 million from democrats and she chose to run for office thinking she would win. They have been passing trillions of dollars and stealing the money, while this printing continues. If you steal a million dollars, 8.5% unemployment doesn’t hurt. But if you don’t have the million then the 8.5% would hurt. They stole the coffers of the American people dry and they all knew that it would blow up interest rates and inflation but they got their millions.

The fear of standing in line and getting close to someone and dying was all a set up to steal the election.