Thanksgiving stories

The election is not over in AZ, while others are worried about getting Taylor Swift tickets we are wondering why Katie Hobbs didn’t ensure there was adequate equipment at the precincts was important.

Jack Smith special council for Merrick Garland. They are going to make it non political and are going to take the two investigations and appoint a special council. There is enough baggage behind Jack Smith and he will go through with indicting Donald Trump.

Making plans, Mike Pence staffs up with an eye on 2024. He is building out his political staff. You know every interview for the past few weeks that he is prayerful, well he is hiring staff.

FL legislature poised to change law to aid a DeSantis presidential run. The current law says that he would have to resign before running for president. The legislature is willing to change the law to smooth the way for DeSantis to run for president in 2024.