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The Supreme Court denied a republican bid to halt early voting in the senate runoff Saturday. But Warnock took it to court and they prevailed in the supreme court. 22 countries out of 159 voted this past Saturday. Today is the first day for early voting for the run off.

BKP is running for the open GA State House District 7. This is not a self-serving position. This is a position to serve. It is representative. It is not a dictator, authoritarian. It is not a commissioner. When elected you represent the people in the district. We must get back to a representative government in this country. BKP is looking forward to discussing the issues. If you put your name on this ballot and run for a self serving position, or for a select few people, or as a democrat campaigning as a republican. When BKP is elected he will represent all the citizens in the entire district. BKP is not going to Atlanta to fight with anyone, he will fight for.

Crime, the cartels are here. There are videos from law enforcement describing the difference in the crime over the past 2 years. Anyway BKP can help the crime in Atlanta, will stay in Atlanta.

There are a lot of videos on how BKP feels about our kids. Are boys allowed to swim in the girls sports in GA? Thank God that Brian Kemp has appointed the right people on the board of GHSA to say no to the transgender agenda. WE don’t have a law on the books to stop it. The rules that Joe Biden is trying to change in Title IX and how if the school doesn’t have equity the school will lose funding for lunches.

Never again, the kids should never be in a mask again. Mom and Dad should have the rights over their children. Never again, sending our parents to nursing homes or to the hospital and never seen again.

Governor Kemp signed an executive order for the Special Election for GA State House District 7 on January 3, 2023. It will be a jungle election with all candidates and all parties running on the same ticket, there will not be a party primary.. WE will not let a republican poser to be elected to the district.

You can not believe anything that comes out of the Biden Administration. Can you believe Chevron will be able to drill for oil in Venezuela and the payoff.

The district has hit the reset button. Everywhere you go you can see the fruits of House Speaker Ralston in the district. We need to make sure we don’t start over. We have to keep the district at the top of the list of the 159 counties.

The magnitude of David Ralston’s funeral in Fannin County was huge. Gov Kemp and 3 former governors were in attendance. There were an enormous number of representatives there. Many supreme court justices were there. David Ralston was my friend.