The AG Chris Carr put a stay on the heartbeat bill in GA. It is still in effect until it gets to the supreme court on what the superior court judge did in Fulton county. The heartbeat bill passed by only 1 vote. But you know that BKP will vote to pass the heartbeat bill if it comes to it.

BKP is not interested in talkers, only doers. IF you want to ever see again or maintain and preserve traditional America that we grew up with you have to run for office.

They lie about everything.

Remember the railroad. Potential railroad strike could cost 2 billion a day. We heard before the election that Joe was working on the railroad. Biden took credit for it in the rose garden and averted the crisis. All lies. He has got nothing done but blowing the debt clear out of the water. Joe gave the mineral mines to the Chinese in Afghanistan. Joe’s son sold the cobalt rights to the chinese. Joe has done nothing correct. Muffin says he’s engaged but Joe himself said that he isn’t. They made a deal until December 9th, to get it past what? What is happening right now? Early voting starts in GA today. Election day is December 6. The tentative deal on the railroad strike runs out on December 9th. These corrupt SOBs got in the backroom deal to get to December 9th to get through all the elections. There is no such thing as coincidences in politics.

Venezuela frees 7 jailed Americans in swap for 2 maduro relatives (the Venezuela president’s wife’s nephews) During Donald Trump’s administration we had the two locked up and 1.80 per gallon gas. We did not bow to Venezuela. Article from October 1, it sent a signal to the markets that we were normalizing the relations with Venezuela to bring the prices down at the pump. Biden is easing sanctions on Venezuela and allowing Chevron to start drilling in Venezuela. The Biden administration is searching globally for oil, what about in our own backyard. Yet the administration says that the deal is for democracy and not for oil. Who believes that this has been done for free and fair elections in Venezuela? The prices you are paying at the pump under Trump are not because Trump is searching globally for oil.

They are trying to cause problems with McCarthy. They are trying to stop the conservatives from running the investigations. 17 House GOP seats won in districts that Biden won. They want to put the fear in them that the republicans need to be afraid in their districts. It is all a plan and has been manipulated by the media. There is a growing shadow campaign to defend Joe Biden from House Republicans.