They want to take your guns. The guy walks into the night club and kills he is a murderer. A manager walks into Walmart and kills hes a murderer. They will say there is a mental health crisis in the US. Why do we have a mental health issue? What made the people crazy. We aren’t talking about what caused it, the break down of the traditional family, the crime. But we have politicians coming out saying let’s put money over here to support. We have a problem. The liberals want to take the guns and in the middle are red flag laws. Leave it up to someone else to take your guns away and do away with the constitution, our constitutional right. There isn’t a violent gun. People are violent and they choose a weapon of choice. They want to allow a group of people to decide on your constitutional right.

Biden on all the networks … “I am going to try to get rid of assault weapons”

No one discusses the root of the problem.

Woke DA in Manhattan has downgraded over half of felony cases to misdemeanors as criminals are free to roam streets of the Big Apple. What is a crime anymore? It doesn’t seem to be a crime to walk across the border, it doesn’t seem to be a big crime to distribute drugs or distribute illegal drugs. Is it a crime to wipe out the selves from stores. Until we stand up and allow law enforcement to get the drugs and illegal guns off the streets, and put the resources to stop the crime. It will only get worse. We have DA that are spending resources investigating Trump rather than investing the money in our children and our border.