BKP made the AJC this morning announcing his candidacy for GA State House District 7.

Potential US Rail strike. You can’t trust anything that comes out of the Biden White House. They manipulated the election. BTW, The election in AZ is not over. They came out to the rose garden to tell us that Joe stayed up all night negotiating a deal. But what they did was to kick this out past the election.

Fauci is stepping down. What the report should be is Found Guilty and the Sentencing Date XXX. Dr. Anthony Fauci is guilty of (the list is so long). Right before December 16, this is not a coincidence. They are so corrupt and they try to manipulate in so many ways. NOw we have a tripledemic of COVID Flu and RSV filling US hospitals. Remember the running death clock and they showed you every picture of everyone they could with a ventilator. Now December 16th is when congress have to agree on funding, they have to raise the debt ceiling. And some republicans along with the democrats want to abolish the debt ceiling. The good people out there, there is no reason to raise the debt limit. The American people is the collateral for the debt. Not only do they want to raise the debt ceiling, they want to erase it. But isn’t it already gone, the US is in debt 31 trillion. The government has to get off the back of the American people. The American people are at a breaking point and are tired of how good they are doing. You will hear that there were black Friday records broken.

Mourning in America. They want to take your guns. We will talk about mental health and red flag laws. The democrats are wanting to take the guns and the republicans are saying mental health. But do you remember a day when they were murderers. It is not murder in the first degree, its mental health and gun violence.

104K people missed work in October due to child care problems, isn’t there 320 million people in America… 104K??

Trump had dinner with some undesirables. All that is designed to put a smoke screen on what they are doing. December 16.

Our state of GA needs a full investigation on what they did to us. There were things that should have never been allowed to happen to us and we need to be better prepared to fight back against the federal government.

We have never had to do anything to keep our immunity up to date. Only 11% of Americans have taken the booster because they have learned what truly happened and are starting to see the truth. There are teams of doctors that are studying the pages of Pfizer that they had to submit for the vaccine. There is a recording that a local doctor is treating more people for the effects of the shots and not covid. In my district HD7, there are doctors treating the side effects of the shot and not covid.

They lie about everything. They want to use the local and religious leaders in the community to build the trust to get vaccinated. Why the fear campaign from the media, led by Fauci? What did they do to our immune system? They are hiding the truth from you. People want to steal more of your money. They will show pictures of kids on ventilators and statistics. They want 9 billion more dollars for COVID. The reason the tripledemic is to scare you into funding for covid and the flu and raising the debt ceiling on December 16.