The house committee gets access to Trump’s tax returns. We can’t find billions of dollars that our federal government asks the reserves to print. We don’t have any money. The tax money doesn’t pay all the bills. So when they say we will give so much aid to Ukraine we don’t have the money so we print it. We can’t audit the feds. The federal reserve is not federal at all. They knew when they created it and called it federal reserve people would think that it is the federal government, but it operates within itself. The federal reserve is totally in control of our monetary policy. We can not ask how much we owe or audit the system.

We have had 6 interest rate increases this year. Powell signals smaller rate hikes this month.

They have to have Trumps’ tax returns. The world will end if we don’t have them. Everything else is irrelevant. House democrats now have Trump’s tax return. At this moment in time it is unclear what they plan to do with Trump’s tax returns. They can view the documents. Watch the tax returns will be leaked to the public. They have to stop Trump at all costs.

If the owner of Twitter has come out and said that they have interfered with elections, this should spark an enormous investigation but no, they have Trump’s tax returns. Muffin dodges questions on if Biden will try to shut down twitter if it hosts offensive content. We know that China is using the Zero Covid policy to stop freedom of speech.

Zelenskyy says Ukraine is preparing a counteroffensive to Russia.

In Russia, it is not illegal to be gay Russia wants the US influence and global sodomy to keep it out of Russia. Putin equates LBGTQ as Satanism calling it devil worshiping and a perverted religion.