We are going into the Christmas season and you don’t want to talk about politics or think about elections but we have an election that needs our attention. We must do all we can to get Herschel Walker across the finish line. December 6 is election day for Herschel Walker.

We know the democrats are doing all they can to get Warnock across the finish line, even going as far as paying $28 per hour to knock on doors for Warnock.

The founder of the Oath Keepers was charged with Sedition yesterday.

Please go read what is in the Nationwide Rail Strike bill. Contact your House of Rep to stop this bill. The DC leaders are in a meeting, headline saying that Biden is confident strike will be avoided. December 16th is when the debt ceiling will expire. America wake up. There is always a crisis looming to get funded when the debt ceiling is up for a vote. We are days/weeks away from DC needing your money in an emergency appropriations bill. They love a crisis in December.

Flu continues to spread across the US infecting millions CDC reports. WE have RSV, covid, flu… they want another 9 billion in covid spending.

On September 15, Joe Biden came out on the white house lawn in the rose garden. What happens 45-50 days from September 15 is an election. They knew that December 9th would get them through the election. What they knew in the rose garden and what the media knew was a deal was struck to get them past the election.

They manipulated the election with a war in Ukraine. Warmongers love to finance war and all the troops were lined up on the border and they knew that they would launder money through Ukraine. Disgraced FTX founder paid 5 million cash for an analytics firm with voter information. They knew what would happen with the war in Ukraine. Biden went to Saudi to manipulate an election and to steer people away from the subject matter that was happening at home. What if the strike would have happened prior to the election.