Spoke to someone in the construction industry and remembers the 09-10-11 downturn. So the media is telling you that what Powell is doing at the federal reserve to slow the economy and that is good for the economy. But this person is saying that there are similarities from 09-10-11 and we are in for some tough times.

There have been six rate increases this year. Powell signals smaller rate hikes later this month. They aren’t finished and this is having an affect on credit cards, auto loans, mortgages.

You will need to brace yourself for 2023.

Federal appeals court denies Biden attempt to restore student debt relief plan. They knew all along that it wouldn’t go through the courts.

The Democrat led house has Trump’s tax returns.

MSNBC’s host Joe Reid claims there is very little difference between the GOP and white supremacist Nick Fuentes

Republicans demand end to Biden’s military vaccine mandate

Apple is helping to curtail the freedom of speech in China