The Mega Maga Bus Tour is this afternoon and the Mountain Patriot meeting tonight at 6pm. BKP will be there to answer any questions.

China and their zero COVID policy is an excuse to suppress the Freedom of Speech and stomp on the people and control them. No condemnation from the Biden administration. Why is the Biden administration staying away from what is happening in China? Why don’t we have bold statements supporting the people of China? Remember we have sent our military many times to defend democracy. By not saying anything they are supporting the crackdown on their people. Why is Apple working with the Chinese government and stopping freedom of speech? Elon has told you that Twitter has been involved in manipulating elections. When you watch China and Apple and the people wanting freedom. Where is the ribbon for freedom for China?

As long as you make history, House democrats make history. The first black man to serve as party leadership in congress. Republicans don’t’ go for the history mark, we go for the one that is right for the job. Hakeem Jeffries is saying that he will work on things to move it forward, he says that republicans are going to get stuck on doing investigations. Whether you like it or not Nancy Pelosi is going home with the accomplishments of what she wanted to get done.

Republicans and democrats should agree on and have an end plan that they can agree on. Federal appeals court denies Biden attempt to restore student debt relief plan. The issue is that the universities have bloated costs to attend useless classes and degrees. But instead of the mutual end game the democrats do the relief plan to buy votes knowing that this will continue to get denied in the court systems. It should be against the law for what they are doing. They want those with student loans to say that Joe tried.