World Cup Update
College Football
When Brittany joins the team. We traded the biggest merchant of death in the world for Brittany. NBC had to change their story. Russia gave the choice for the trade either the basketball star or the Marine. This is another story of Biden leaving the military behind. Countries have rules. When Americans go to another county we cannot superimpose our laws in the country they are visiting.
Since the media will not touch Elon Musk opening the back channels on Twitter, the panel discusses the release information. One interesting thing found is this was a collaboration between public government and private entities. Look up Jeff Carlton was an ex CIA guy that was put into Twitter by the US Department of Homeland Security. He is a specialist in the control of information and shaping public opinion. He was the one that was leading the strategic response team. Election engineering is thought control.
We have a Senator-elect that 388 million dollars has been spent to get Warnock elected. There is so much money that is funneled through the democrat donors.
What was the issue with Herschel? Bad Candidate? Trump endorsed? Party? Campaign finance? In the primary, there were whispers of the Herschel baggage, Gary Black spent a lot of money trying to get that information out. MTG put out a video last night saying that the campaign stopped her. How did Lindsey Graham become the spokesperson for the campaign? If you want to get the ruby red trump supporter voter out, you have to get a Jim Jordan, MTG or Andrew Clyde. He underperformed in North GA. The republican leadership has to be changed.
Will Kevin McCarthy be Speaker of the House? Andrew Clyde said the conservatives will run the House. And Kristen Sinema going Independent.
Winners and Losers