We have the people that pretend to be republicans and people with much needed time off.
We just played a video about turning GA blue. FOX news will always be the network that called AZ for Joe Biden after 45 minutes when all said and done the vote difference was 10K. We have turned the state back to blue. People act like they don’t know how we got here and don’t know what is next.
Are you calling the GA state offices a red wave? Nah it’s maintaining control. If you don’t think the democrats are setting up to turn the state offices blue. In the next six years GA will be blue. There is a difference in maintaining political power and the red wave.
There is a certain type of voter that disapproves of Biden but is skeptical of the democrat party but they do not like Trump. The towns that had white college students turned out for Kemp but not for Walker, the Trump backed candidate. BINGO There is the magic word… Trump.
America has been set up… Biden is ready to run in 2024.
No matter which reporter you saw last night and this morning they had to get the suppressed voter in the report, some didn’t know how to insert it into the report. But Kemp had to be the savior to try to save the character of Walker.
Trump had a very bad week. Tax fraud and the special council