There may be as many problems in the democrat party as in the republican party. The democrat party is better at keeping it hidden and beating their team into submission. There was a time when republicans and democrats almost agreed on where we wanted to be but the argument was how to get there. That is not the case today.
The talk of a third party is dangerous. Ross Perot had enough pull to elect Bill Clinton.
We do not trust Rona, we don’t want her to be the leader of the party. Someone has to share in the responsibility in the losses, it wasn’t due to Trump. David Shafer needs to come out very bold and say what he will really do to start winning elections in the US Senate and Presidential.
Mitt Romney is going to beat Obama in 2012. We had John McCain as our nominee in 2008 and the economy collapsed right before the election. Things were in a message and Obama became president. In 2012 they picked Mitt Romney. When he lost, the GOP of GA launched a cover for our ass. They sent people out to all the GOP talking about republicans not coming out to vote. They said the DNC is doing a better job at using technology in 2012. They couldn’t do the blame game they are doing today, it’s trump, it’s election denierism, it’s the quality of the candidate.
The states have allowed the democrats to run the elections deciding when and how to vote. Because the republicans don’t want to fight it in court. The republicans aren’t doing early voting, absentee ballots, or paying people to get out the vote. IF the republican party doesn’t make the changes, it doesn’t matter who is on the ballot.