We have named the show today. Killing the Republican party. You have read the Twitter thread. And you know what happened in 2020. The media is trying to make it like it never happened. We know that Hunter Biden was making money in China and Ukraine while his dad was Vice President.

Chris Christie says the republican party needs to embrace the truth no matter how it hurts. We all know what happens and what happened with Twitter. Wow… someone has to highlight the lies, deceit and corruption.

Liz Chaney saying that republicans can’t be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the constitution. It is not ending Trump. They are trying to end Trump thinking the democrats will thank them and allow them to win an election.

See if you hear anything about the Twitter files Out of nowhere Trump is wanting to abolish the Constitution. Out of nowhere. Elon slams the networks for ignoring the release of the Twitter files that expose Hunter Biden laptop files. Tweets deleted by Twitter from the direction of the Biden team. The Liberal media deceived the American public by not exposing the information. Elon say that Twitter censorship of the laptop story was the definition of election interference and acting as an arm of the DNC. Yet it was out of nowhere.

The railroad strike, They claim that the people in the union said it was all about the sick days. There is a reason behind the railroad bill. It looks like Congress did something about it and the union is mad. Katherine Clark said on Meet the Press exactly what they want to do… have a national policy for paid sick leave.. Sick Leave mandated by the federal government. Who is going to pay for this? The only thing that is stopping it is the resistance from the GOP.

The people that invested in the FTX/Sam Bankman Fried, what was going on with what they thought was a good investment. What about this guy made you think he was brilliant? The manipulation and the attempt to steal an election. Everybody was involved to steal an election. And it’s crickets with evidence everywhere.

Katherine Clark saying that it is the democrats that are pushing back on the dark money, but the individual campaigns should make their own decision if they return the money from FTX.