The polls are open. Everyone is wondering how it will work out today in the head to head battle for the final Senate seat.

Katie Hobbs with Doug Ducey in AZ signing the certification of the AZ election.

How did Warnock get the early voter edge? In GA democrats always make sure they get a head start in voting. In the new state law/rules you’re not supposed to hold early voting on the Saturday after a holiday. There was not supposed to be early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But democrats went to court saying the state is suppressing the vote. So the court ruled that the counties were given the green light to open the polls that Saturday. There were 22 counties out of 159 that chose to vote that Saturday. Oddly enough the black vote increased almost 5%. The 22 counties that opened that weekend. Now the republicans are picking up the slack.

Republicans need a massive turnout to win the election for Herschel. If the 9th and 14th district in GA don’t turn out, Herschel will not win. Who in the Herschel campaign brought Lindsey Graham campaign with Herschel in North GA? And Nikki Haley? A better way to get the 9th and 14th districts fired up would be to parade Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis through the streets of the districts. If Herschel wins tonight it cannot be with Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, It has to be with traditional republicans and Brian Kemp. But if he loses it is Trump’s fault, the candidate that Trump gave us.