San Fran shuts down open air drug markets after it referred less than 1% for treatment.
James Baker is fired for covering up the news and defying Elon Musk. When will the media finally admit Twittergate is real? This guy was the ex-FBI lawyer who was Comeys’ deputy and involved in a Russian collusion probe.
How did this guy get the money? Sam Bankman Fried has hired high-profile defense attorney Mark S Cohen who has defended Ghislaine Maxwell. If you are in the elite left privileged you have the money to hire your attorney.
Midterms deliver one last Trump loss, he never should have run for this seat. If the republican party doesn’t choose you as their candidate they secretly sabotage the
When you go over to the GOP in GA and want to be a GOP chair, you can’t endorse a candidate and the state will let you know when you can endorse a candidate. Then in GA we have a primary, and the people select their candidate. The voters’ choice was Herschel. The rule is that once a candidate is selected the party is to get after the candidate. But the state GOP didn’t stand behind Herschel.
Government Shutdown. Do you think it is a coincidence that we are a couple of weeks out from Christmas and the country lies in these two guys’ hands (Schumer and McConnell) in moving forward. They want to avoid a pointless painful government shutdown. This is the fast and the furious corrupt politicians.
What an omnibus spending bill. It is when every committee in the government submits a bloated budget. And the senators back each other for partner committees. The staff goes through the bill and highlights the issues for the senators to vote on it.