Endorsements should make you look closer at the candidate.

8 out of 10 CDC workers are still working from home. WE built these enormous buildings. Huh?

Republicans put up a fight against Biden rules that force Americans to fill out tax forms on all Venmo and PayPal transitions over $600. The Corporate corrupt media helped the IRS and government call this a lie. It is not.

Michael Avenatti is sentenced to 14 years

Thousands out of power after damage to substations in North Carolina.

SCOTUS sees case on website designer denying a same sex marriage website. It is not 100% about same-sex or interracial marriage, its about the state laws being transferable. Watch this case on Freedom of Speech. It is not a coincidence that is coming behind the codifying of same sex marriage.

You have to hear Katie Hobbs protecting democracy. Saving democracy under the veil of putting Joe Biden in the basement and we have to prepare for 2024 now.

Trump is the master of “I made you look”. Every time Trump puts out that little piece of “I made you look” there are people that don’t want to talk about it or say it. But you hear that Trump wanted to abolish the constitution. Here is their chance to turn on the reporters and ask if they will report the Twitter thread. Watch all these republicans with their chance to speak against the narrative but the media is fishing for the republicans to speak out against Trump.

They are working on an immigration deal behind the scenes.