Hakeem Jefferies is going to be the new minority leader but before we get to Hakeem Jefferies. They are doing all they can to stop McCarthy from being majority leader. In America, we aren’t looking for a person that deserves a chance. The motion of vacate is saying that after one year they can make a motion to tell McCarthy he has to go.

Jefferies says that the republicans need to come back to a sense of reasonable-ism. Or republicans are going to have to decide that they surrender. This is how you surrender using Chris Christie.

If these were switched parties it would be all hell breaks loose but the weak republicans are quiet. You can’t even begin the corruption and what took place. So many chances for a number of republicans push back on the narrative. They didn’t invite Jim Jordan on Fox.

Mayors across the country sent a letter to ask for funding to help them with border securities. But Aguilar quickly turned to funding Ukraine. Ernest says we can fund our cities and Ukraine.

Cobb county press release saying that 6600 voters asking for absentee ballots will not receive in a timely manner. Take a look at what is happening with the ballots in Cobb county.

GOP Ways and Means chair declares that all Twitter employees involved in Twitter coverup of Biden Laptop story to preserve documents. Yet nothing on the networks.

If you have not read this, find the thread called the Twitter Files from Matt Taibbi.