We have to deal with where we are in GA. Herschel Walker lost.
In GA we have 6 or 7 people running around acting as though they are the spokesperson of the GOP. They leak to the media and position themselves for an opportunity for themselves.
In the real world, losing and continuing to lose you lose your job.
Unless Warnock chooses to move and goes on Joe Biden’s ticket when he runs. Or if he runs as president. Unless he moves on, you stand the odds that he will be the Senator of GA until he retires. The demographics aren’t changing in GA. and WE don’t see the direction of the GOP to make a change. Now Warnock will be impossible to beat as a sitting senator.
Who is the senate that fires up the red base? Name the Senator that comes to mine. They brought in Tom Cotton and Rick Scott and Lindsey Graham. What about Niki Haley or Rona McDaniel?
Mitch McConnell is working out a deal with Chuck Schumer to spend more of your money. Mitch McConnell is happy being the senate minority leader rather than being just a senator. Schumer will make him deal after deal for little things.
Is there a statement out there from GOP chair, Governor Kemp or a leading republican in GA denouncing Geoff Duncan? How much did his statement hurt the election?
We have to figure out where we are at and where we are going and how to win elections. We can’t overcome the corruption in downtown Atlanta. The GOP knows, not the local chapters, its the state leaders.
You put all the effort to import all the democrats into the state. Every time we call ourselves Hollywood of the east and cut the ribbon from one of these liberal deep dark blue states so they can take advantage of our tax system to vote blue. Then there is the corruption in Atlanta and you need a judge to get the Sunday or Saturday voting. If you look at the votes that Warnock won, it’s the head start a judge gave him.