MTG statement at CPAC. Was it too much or too far?

White House rips “disgusting” Elon Musk for Prosecute/Fauci tweet. Fauci claims that his safety is at risk since the tweet. The only one that had Free Speech was Fauci. Fauci was at the top of the tree. The state health department led back to Fauci’s speech. There hasn’t been any talk about how dangerous it has been to speak out against the vaccines or the COVID response. There are doctors that have made every attempt to speak out. There are doctors that tried to talk about the vaccine. There have been documentaries posted and deleted. Elon allows us to have the conversation and reveal what was suppressed internally and they can’t take it. Dr. Robert Malone was reinstated on Twitter. Remember what happened to Dr. Malone when he was on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is the inventor and skeptic of mRNA vaccines. Elon has now allowed him to have a platform to speak and that is not acceptable. Peter McCullough has a voice on Twitter again. Many doctors have teamed up going through the 1000s of Pfizer pages exposing the dangers of the vaccine. Elon is allowing the flow of information and allowing you to make up your own mind. The WH is so bent out of shape that Elon is not bowing to the FBI.

DOJ subpoenas Raffensperger office as Trump investigation continues. They will not stop until the indict Trump

7 years ago today the world adopted the Paris climate accord. The White House is excited about it.

Biden has to look eager to get Paul Whelan released. What kind of deal will he make next?

Biden will sign the Respect for Marriage Act

1500 migrants cross in 1 day in El Paso

The RNC lopsided power struggle, another term of Ronna McDaniel?

Sam has been arrested. Silence from all the superstars. The elite give money just to say they were there.

Philadelphia removes the box covering the Columbus statue.

Richmond removes its last confederate monument.