Atlanta will cut the water supply to 27,000 homes for delinquent water bills.
FBI reveals it has more information on slain DNC staffer Seth Rich. FBI has the laptop and the murder has never been solved. He is possibly the one that passed the information on to WikiLeaks.
These are evil people, what they are trying to do to our kids. This is nothing about respecting marriage. You will be led to believe that this is respecting marriage. This law was not necessary. It doesn’t enshrine American Values. It is all about reaching into your state and getting your state to accept the woke ideology of the LBGTQ community. This is not about the state recognizing something, it is about depleting states rights across the board. Once you force a state to accept another state’s law, there will be money tied to this only if you are abiding by and adhering to the law. This will force states to comply with certain things to get the money.
If it costs you $400 more a month to live, you can rest easy tonight that Marriage is respected. Will we end this Hollywood charade and protect our kids, it is yet to be seen.