When Elon Musk releases all this information the deep state media has to run a cover.
This is the “Respect for Marriage Act”, respecting marriage is your mom and dad. But the government continues to change the meaning of things for us. Every time we turn around between Hollywood putting out the agenda up front. The government wants to codify the agenda.
This is a back-ended lie. If the state doesn’t stand up for this it will mushroom out for so much more. The respect for marriage act does not require all states to legalize same-sex marriage but does require individual states to recognize another states legal marriage. We will come back in several years with this coming back to the supreme court. It had bipartisan support, it must be good. You can’t tell a state you can’t require them to legalize same-sex marriage, but you are telling the state to recognize the legal marriage from another state. States have different laws for marriage, divorce, and custody. If you have to recognize a marriage in a state that has same-sex marriage does that mean you accept the laws from that state or your state for traditional marriage. This opens so many doors and they are left wide open. You will have in your state down the road, different requirements in your state and small business in protecting people rights in the respect for marriage act. Somewhere in this bill there is money tied to it and if you don’t comply there will be a lack of money. Really what it is no respect for your state, your beliefs, your religious beliefs. Waiting on the supreme court opinion on the web designer.
We do not have a voter suppression problem in the country or in the state of GA. We have a lack of trust in America. Out of the 68% that are vaccinated in America, what would the number go down too if you had a freedom to choose to get the vaccine, would it be 68% of Americans. Or is the number so highly inflated because the people like Fauci forced you to get the vaccine to be a pilot, nurse, teacher. How many lost their jobs? How many out of the 68% would not get it if it wasn’t required? Now we do have vaccines that our children should take and this has hurt the trust that the American people have in vaccines. There was a trust that was built. And there were a lot of people that did not trust the children’s vaccines. Now only 50% have the booster and only 13% have an updated booster. Read between the lines, we have a confidence problem with our elections on how they are counted and how the government manipulated the elections.