Only when people lose their jobs, can’t pay their bills, are their vehicles repossessed only when inflation cools. They want you to believe that Biden’s policies are working. Not at all. The only thing that is happening here is the rate hikes are helping to slow inflation. WE are expecting another rate hike in December. That will be 7 rate increases this year. And expected to have more in 2023. You may have a record default in January February this year. And you may have record spending this Christmas. The cost of carrying a credit card, owning a home, running a business with a cash flow account, you are borrowing and operating on prime plus, everytime you see the rate hike prime goes up. Pay attention next year. The Biden administration is doing nothing at all.
Female cop nearly dies from fentanyl exposure after a traffic stop. When will this happen with one of our law enforcement or first responders. This is happening all across this country while Title 42 will expire next week. 10K illegal crossings a day, 2.4 million last year. Where are these people at, how can we locate them? Who protects our children and families, our law enforcement because it is definitely not the Biden administration.
There are questions surrounding who recorded the call, where it was recorded from and if Raffensperger was at the location that the recording came from. The Trump indictment is coming.
Boebert clings to her seat after recount.
Their hope is to get the indictment done very soon because if they don’t get him indicted there won’t be any stopping him from being the candidate. There are enough people in every state that won’t turn on him and he will win the nomination.