We have a voter confidence problem not a voter suppression problem. How are we doing to rebuild the convenience of our elections? Elon is rebuilding confidence in Twitter and exposing what really happened. What they want you to believe is what Twitter did, it did not happen in the election. We are finding all these facts on covid and hunter Biden. And they are in fear that we will get the truth about what happened.
Timing is everything. US Capitol Police Sgt is retiring. He is getting paid. He will get wealthy. The timing to release his statement is no coincidence.
Trump enacted Title 42 to close the border and kept COVID and diseases from crossing into the country.
Can you call your state and find out where these millions of opal are>
Sam Brinton has been fired after multiple luggage theft charges.
Jack Smith is running 100 mph and is doing everything to indict Trump
SBF has been arrested in Bahama. His girlfriend recruits the legal team of a former SEC official and a lawyer who solve the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Parents of SBF say legal fees will wipe them out. Don’t forget the parents are heavily involved in democrat donors.