John J Ray managed the bankruptcy for Enron, Madoff. He manages the bankruptcies for companies that take money from people. Sam Bankman Fried’s opening statement, “I f’ed up” is now the excuse. They will bring the emotions and make you feel “poor guy” and not to mention his parents could lose everything. They made sure that SBF did not testify in front of congress. Embezzled $8 Billion dollars. Trusting people that wanted to get into crypto lost their money because of the commercials and the Hollywood that was running commercials for FTX. Why didn’t Sam testify? If he funneled money through the mother who has a non profit to fund get out the vote efforts for democrats. How much money went to those organizations. We don’t get the truth because they threw a block. They have had days and weeks to arrest him, and they arrest him the day before.
Why don’t we have more governors following suit that Ron DeSantis running an investigation on what misinformation on COVID vaccine. We should have investigations in every state, where we have our medical professionals come talk about the harmful effects of these vaccines. There are a lot of people that have been forced to take the vaccine.