Awaiting the Trump SuperHero Announcement

Boehner sheds a tear over Pelosi

Raffensperger asks the State for Rank Choice Voting. This is Raffensperger playing right into the hands of the grand scheme of things. They don’t want Trump to be president. They want you to be exhausted with voting. And to feel defeated. And there isn’t any coincidence that Raffensperger is asking for Rank Choice Voting. GA has gone from Red to Purple now Blue.

Fake psychic who conned woman out of more than $3 million sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison

Bombshell House Republicans report links covid to china’s bioweapons program.

House ok stopgap funding fix with broader deal still under wraps. The American people are standing there on “Let’s Make A Deal” and we keep picking the goat attached to the wagon.

The Biden administration prepares for illegals to cross. Nearly 2000 illegals cross daily in El Paso. So what are we going to do about it> We hear in the house the republicans are talking about all the investigations that will happen. But we need to stop this right here. Where are these people and who’s paying the bills? They are going to welcoming states. The cartels, they use these families

Ducey has been using shipping containers in AZ to block the border. US sues AZ to stop shipping container border wall.

Mitch McConnell is attempting to help democrats in the House to get a deal he wants to stop the conservatives budget in the new congress.

Stephen Twitch Boss, the DJ of the Ellen Show has died from suicide. Suicide is a serious issue especially here during the holidays. Our heart goes out to the family during this time of loss. It is also a reminder to be kind and understanding of those suffering.