hey are trying to take down Trump.

Trump releases new polling information on his Truth social. Trump showing 58-36 vs DeSantis

If Trump gets 6-7-8 people in the race, he will be the nominee in the republican party. Rank Choice Voting would be the only thing that would stop Trump.

Sam Bankman Fried won’t go before Congress because they want it to stay a civil suit. Who are SBF’s parents? They are law professors at Stanford and their involvement in the FTX scheme has been the subject of gossip among colleagues at the university. Daddy Bankman helped write Senator Warren’s tax code that failed. Mama Fried has a history of donating thousands to democrat campaigns. She is part of a Super PAC, Mind the Gap. She is closely tied to her son’s donations to Democrats.

Take a look at this today, Republican report links Covid 19 to Chinese bioweapon program. Lawmakers suggest the virus reached humans via a lab-related incident in Wuhan.