If we do not get control of this now with our children, the Cambridge dictionary has changed the definition of a woman. You don’t get assigned anything to you at birth. This is simple biology. Science on this is very simple. When the dictionary puts together their definitions for the year, they use several different sources. They probably use a source for this from the psychiatric journals, dsm5, etc and these words get used in laws that are crafted in your states. This is also the definition used in corporations as they write the human resource department.

They keep asking Joe Manchin if he will leave the democrat party. IF BKP is wrong so be it, Joe Manchin will not leave the democrat party. The Manchin name is a democrat forever in West Virginia political history. He will stay as a democrat and will run in WV as a democrat and will win or retire as a democrat.

North Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles in the resumption of testing. There will be some things that happen at the first of the year. There will be some things that happen with North Korea, Russia, China, Ukraine. The US is funding Ukraine and sending weapon systems as if they are part of NATO.

You will read headlines that Putin will be assassinated or that he will be overthrown. Putin is in Belarus as Russian drones target the Ukrainian capital. He is asking Belarus to get into the conflict.

Why report on the Sam Bankman Fried and the drama around that. When ignoring the Twitter files.