The omnibus bill is 4155 pages and is 1.7T in spending.

Ukraine is getting 1.8 billion in aid. Zelenskyy is coming to the US to pick up the check and meet with the elite. Joe Biden is fast tracking us into war. We could have stopped it before Russia took their first steps into Russia but they would rather have the US send billions in aid.

Has anyone looked at the invasion of our southern border? It is run by cartels.

We spent a trillion dollars over 20 years in Afghanistan. The women are losing their right to education and work under the Taliban.

There are people that don’t have heat and are sleeping on the street in this country. And we have seniors that are having to make a discussion to buy food, medicine, fuel to heat their home, or the property taxes. Yet we sent money to this country. We built roads and infrastructure in this country and our kids are killed and mutilated.

What is really important today is the crisis on the southern border. The millions of illegals coming into the country and they have food and housing vouchers and free medical care. Yet you finally get to see Trump’s taxes.

Tesla stock is going to come back. Elon took a $44 million risk on Twitter. Twitter has been used as a corrupt tool for the FBI and government, not in the way it was intended. It has been used to manipulate and shadowban the truth from getting out. The marketing has been amazing by Elon, Twitter has increased in activity is amazing. It was a win-win.

Our concern is that will Kevin McCarthy have the nerve?

FBI sends someone inside Twitter, JIm Baker (tied to the Trump Russian Hoax and suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop story). Elon fires Baker. Jim Baker was the Clinton go to speed dial contact.