Marine corp is urged to stop calling instructors sir or ma’am. Just call me by my rank.

There wasn’t too much on Trump’s tax returns this morning. If they go through Trump’s taxes and they scrutinize them as they will. There may be some wealthy people that are saying slow down because of what Trump has done. Remember when Trump said he knows the system is corrupt because he used it.

Washington mom slams woke school therapist for socially transitioning her daughter, 10. This is happening all across the country unbeknownst to the parents. They start the social transition at 10 years old and a counselor will help with that. At 12 years, it is recommended by our HHS assistant secretary Richard “Rachel” Lavine (a man thinks he’s a woman) for the puberty blockers.

Garland Favorito’s case still has standing according to the Supreme Court. Everything has been preserved in Fulton County. We will have Garland on the show.