There will be an investigation on the campaign fund of David Ralston. Ralston spent a lot of money on signs. And all the Ralston signs belong to his campaign. The question is who can use the money in David Ralston’s campaign, he is not alive to transfer the money. The signs are worth thousands and thousands of dollars and Sheree is using them.

This is supposed to be the holiday Monday.

We have to watch out for the legislation change for Section 230. The communication decency act. People on the right are wanting to get rid of Section 230. Pay attention to the amount of people on the left wanting to get rid of section 230 and wanting to go after big tech. It sounds good. You know when Amy Klobuchar and the left are excited about bringing down big tech. They will take tech to a new level to end free speech.

This is the last day for the Jan 6 committee. The media is running with all the footage they can. They are talking about Trump’s tax returns. No matter what reporting you are watching they aren’t reporting that the tax returns are corrupt or illegal. Because so many other corporations use the same tax loopholes that Trump used.

They want George Santos to resign the representative in NY for lying during the campaign.

Barbara Walters has passed at 93

Why isn’t this front page news? The guy took a machete and attacked the NYPD in Times Square. If this guy supports Trump, it would be a terrorist attack and Trump would be the cause.